How To Become A Glamour Model


  • What Is Glamour Modelling?

    Unlike most other genres of modelling, a glamour model isn't required to be of certain stereotype. You don't have to be minimum 5"8 in height or size 6! As a glamour model, you are required to have a stunning proportionate figure, great body confidence and a personality to match. It must also be noted that no matter how stunning you might look or how perfect your body might be, without a great personality, you WON'T be a successful glamour model. Since most of the time, glamour models are not required to sell pieces of clothing like say fashion models do, instead glamour models are required to sell themselves through a variety of ways such as the sexy girl next door, Playboy bunny etc. Therefore, the recipe to being a successful glamour model is a large dose of great personality and small dose of stunning body/features.

  • How To Become A Glamour Model

    Do you think you have the perfect body and the personality to match? As a glamour model, you may be expected to travel to exclusive venues, locations and events showing off your stunning body whilst you get paid. In return you will be expected to take great care of your body, face and hair by looking impeccable when booked for assignments. The world of glamour modelling can be a fun and exciting career choice, but it can also be challenging at times. Models we represent enjoy all the privileges this job has to offer without worrying too much about the negative side as we support and nurture our talents. We are always looking to represent the best glamour models UK has to offer so if you believe you have what it takes, why not apply here?

  • UK Glamour Model Agency

    Based in Leicester, we are regarded as Midlands No1 glamour modelling agency, representing the best upcoming glamour models the UK has to offer. Our models are known not just for their glamorous looks but also for their wit and intelligence. Models we represent have been carefully selected to meet the high standards our clients require and as such we only represent the best models based on several criteria's and not simply by how they look, meaning only models we truly believe in get signed to our books. Clients include magazine publications, event organiser, photographers and studios all over the UK. Some of the assignments our models get booked for include - Magazine & Commercial Glamour Photo Shoots, Lingerie & Swimwear Shoots, Fashion Shows & Events, Promotional Work and many more.